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North Dakota Permit Practice Test 3

Are you prepared for your DOT Permit Test? Take our FREE ND Permit Practice Test right now and find out how much you know! Our test offers 25 comprehensive Permit questions, and shows your test results right away.
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North Dakota Driving Permit Practice Quiz Essentials

With three separate licensing tiers for North Dakota teens, there are numerous tests to achieve each level. Our practice tests give you the confidence to pass the first time.

Making Our ND Permit Practice Test Work for Your Success

When you reach age 14, the North Dakota DOT typically offers you a handbook on driver's rules. You could read the book from cover to cover, but some information may not translate onto the test paper. Although the test questions aren't hard, you must understand the questioning format beforehand for success. You essentially want to train your mind to think clearly about the given subject and apply it to the question being asked. Taking several practice tests before your official exam is the perfect way to secure a great score. Each age between 14 and 16 requires another exam, testing your driving knowledge for your safety and the safety of others on the road.

The rules of the road are the main focus of our practice tests. Take a look at one of the tests at this website. You'll notice most topics involve typical violations and courteous driving. To support safe teen driving beyond the published subject manner, visit this blog to understand the contract between a minor and their family. A North Dakota teen permit is still a privilege to earn, not a right for young adults. Study hard for your DOT permit test to completely understand and recall the road rules. Even study road signs for your exam. All signage and laws are meant to keep everyone safe, and responsible driving is part of the licensing agreement.

To streamline the licensing process, the DOT uses a multiple-choice format for all tests. If you aren't familiar with multiple choice, our practice tests give you a chance to refine your skills. Start by removing answers that don't fit the subject, typically leaving two or three selections. By studying our hands-on tests, you'll be familiar with nearly all subjects to make a final decision. Shoot for a score above 80 percent to receive your permit. As you drive and take more practice tests, you'll be ready for even more exams as you move up through the DOT's licensing process. Use these practice tests as study guides and active learning tools to pass the permit test on the first try.

North Dakota DOT Sample Test Questions

All North Dakota residents much have a valid license to drive unless:
  • They are on Active Duty and stationed in North Dakota.
  • They have a letter from their parents.
  • They are opposed to paying new fees.
  • They don't feel like it.
All turn signals should be given what distance before a turn?
  • At least 25 feet before.
  • At least 50 feet before.
  • At least 75 feet before.
  • At least 100 feet before.
Documents submitted for the purpose of a license application _______________.
  • Can be photocopies, if that is the best you have.
  • Must be original documents and certified copies only.
  • May be either photocopies or a sworn statement by yourself that you once possessed these documents.
  • None of the listed answers.
For teen drivers, as the number of passengers increase ______________.
  • The number of crashes decrease, as the extra passengers encourage the driver to be safe at all times.
  • The number of crashes increase, as the extra passengers distract the driver or encourage him or her to drive recklessly.
  • The number of crashes stay about the same.
  • None of the listed answers.
How many points must a minor accumulate on their driving record to have their license canceled?
  • 2 points.
  • 4 points.
  • 5 points.
  • 6 points.
  • 10 points.