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Ohio Temp License Practice Test

Get your Ohio temps the first time with our FREE Permit Practice Test! With 25 multiple-choice questions, real-life scenarios, and instant feedback, you'll ace the Ohio BMV Permit Test in no time.

This Practice Test is for:

  • Ohio Temps Test
  • First-time Teen Drivers
  • Teen Drivers Moving to Ohio

What is the Ohio Temps test like:

  • 40 multiple-choice questions
  • 75% or 30 correct answers required to pass
  • The test is taken on a computer
  • You must be at least 15 1/2 old to apply for your temps
Questions number
Mistakes Allowed
Passing Score

Ohio Permit Practice Test

Ready to practice driving with your very own Ohio learner’s permit? With help from our FREE OH permit practice test, you’ll give yourself the best chance of acing your BMV exam on the very first try! Our study materials are the quickest and most efficient way to test your knowledge of Ohio’s traffic laws and driving regulations before you take your actual exam. Designed specifically for you as an Ohio driver, you’ll get accurate, up-to-date, and state-specific materials that ensure you’re reviewing the right information to help you pass your test.

There are 25 multiple-choice questions in this free OH permit practice test, on everything from Ohio traffic signs and speed limits to emergency laws and right-of-way regulations. The format is the same as you’ll encounter on the actual BMV permit exam, for an extra layer of preparation. You’ll get instant feedback on each question and detailed explanations with each answer that come straight from the specific law or regulation the question is about. At the end, there’s a full review you can use as a study guide for your next go-round, letting you see exactly which topics require a brush-up. Come back to this free OH practice permit test as many times as you need to feel fully confident to pass the real thing.

Ohio Permit Practice Test FAQs:

How many questions are on the Ohio permit exam? What score do I need to pass my Ohio permit exam?

The Ohio permit test includes 40 multiple-choice questions, and you must pass your Ohio BMV permit test with a score of 75% or higher.

Does this practice test include the same questions I’ll see on the BMV permit test?

Each question on our Ohio permit practice test derives from the actual BMV driver’s handbook. The information you’re studying is specific to Ohio traffic regulations, which means the questions on your practice test are the same as what you can expect to see on your real permit exam. The BMV often switches up its exact questions from year to year, but the information you’re tested on doesn’t change.

How do I earn my Ohio driver’s license?

To earn your Ohio driver’s license, you must be at least 16 years old and earn a temporary permit by passing a written knowledge exam. All Ohio drivers must first carry this permit, regardless of age, before taking the road test to earn their full OH driver’s license.

If you’re under 18 years old, you must also first complete a state-approved driver education course as well as at least 50 hours of supervised behind-the-wheel driving practice before you can take your road test.

Ohio BMV Sample Test Questions

A CDL is normally required for any vehicle greater than what weight?
  • 26,000 pounds.
  • 10,000 pounds.
  • 16,000 pounds.
  • 20,000 pounds.
  • 30,000 pounds.
A passenger may not ride in the cargo area of a truck when:
  • The seats inside the truck are all occupied.
  • It is equipped with seating and safety belts.
  • There is a life-threatening emergency for the driver or the person transported.
  • The passengers are performing street construction.
A steady hand signal at a crosswalk indicates:
  • No pedestrian crossing is allowed at any time at that intersection.
  • That pedestrians have the right-of-way.
  • That crossing is only allowed with a crossing guard or police officer.
  • That pedestrians may cross only if traffic is clear.
After a crash, all the following information must be collected from the other driver(s) involved except:
  • Their Social Security number.
  • Their name.
  • Their address.
  • Their driver's license number.
  • Their insurance information.
All the following are required to convert out-of-state registration except:
  • Passage of a road test in the vehicle.
  • An inspection certificate from a vehicle inspection station.
  • An Ohio title certificate.
  • Valid identification or proof of SS number.