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South Carolina Permit Practice Test 3

Are you prepared for your DMV Permit Test? Take our FREE SC Permit Practice Test right now and find out how much you know! Our test offers 25 comprehensive Permit questions, and shows your test results right away.
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Taking the South Carolina Teen Permit Test and Passing

For teens, taking the driver

South Carolina DMV Sample Test Questions

A standard interstate system route marker uses which of the following color combinations?
  • Red, white, and blue.
  • Green, black, and white.
  • Green and white.
  • Blue and white.
How old must you be to get a motorcycle learner's permit?
  • 14 years old.
  • 15 years old.
  • 16 years old.
  • 17 years old.
  • 18 years old.
How should a driver drive along traffic?
  • Ten miles per hour higher than others.
  • Fifteen miles per hour higher than others.
  • Always the posted speed limit.
  • Drive with the flow of traffic as long as the traffic is not exceeding the posted speed limit.
  • None of the answers listed.
If you are under the age of 21 with a blood alcohol content level .02 or greater while driving, your license will be suspended for how many months for the second offense within a five year period?
  • 12
  • 10
  • 8
  • 6
  • 5
If you are within the proper age range to apply for a Special Restricted Driver's license in South Carolina and go the route of using your beginner's permit to satisfy the requirements, you must have held that permit for a period of:
  • 30 days.
  • 15 days.
  • 60 days.
  • 90 days.
  • 180 days.