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South Carolina Permit Practice Test 4

Want to know what questions will be on the DMV Permit Test? Our SC Permit Practice Test is FREE, and has questions just like the ones on the real DMV test. Take this practice test now and get prepared.
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South Carolina Teen Permit Practice Test Description

The South Carolina practice test is an available tool for teenagers who are looking to earn a passing score and receive their South Carolina Teen Permit. At, there is a vast amount of information, and it is offered free of charge.

One of the most exciting aspects of your teenage years is when you get your four wheels. A vehicle is one of the greatest forms of freedom known to any teenager. However, before you can get behind the wheel and head to the movies, it is mandatory to go through the necessary steps and obtain a driver's permit. Ultimately, the goal is to get a license, but let

South Carolina DMV Sample Test Questions

A driver needs to always park how many inches from the curb?
  • 22
  • 18
  • 16
  • 14
  • 11
Besides a person walking on foot, who else is considered a pedestrian?
  • Those on a skateboard.
  • Those on roller skates.
  • A person with a disability on a tricycle or quadricycle .
  • A person with a disability on a wheelchair.
  • All of the answers listed.
Drivers should inspect their vehicles:
  • Before each trip.
  • Once a week.
  • After every 500 miles.
  • Once a month.
In South Carolina, what occurs if you obtain a beginner's permit, driver's license, or identification card using fraudulent documents?
  • Nothing happens if you use fraudulent documents.
  • Your document(s) issued will be suspended for 7 days.
  • You will have to come into an office to provide proper documents, but nothing will happen to your issued document(s) in the meantime.
  • Any issued document(s) will be canceled.
  • None of the answers listed.
It is illegal for anyone to modify the moped so the vehicle increases the speed to more than ____ mph.
  • 25
  • 40
  • 50
  • 30