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Frequently Asked Questions - Taking Your PA Driving Exam (Or Road Test)

Only you and your examiner are allowed in the vehicle during your PA Driving Exam.
You will not receive your PA Driver's License, and you will have to reschedule your Driving Exam. You are able to take the PA Driving Exam three times before you will have to apply for another permit. Do not rush retaking your exam. Pay attention to what your examiner identifies as your weaknesses and work upon improving and developing better driving skills.
Anyone as long as the person accompanying you is a licensed driver who is 31 years old or older.
Common mistakes that you should avoid include speeding, tailgating and forgetting to signal. Remember the purpose of your Driving Exam is to demonstrate that you know how to drive safely and effectively.
Typically, you will need to demonstrate to your examiner that you are capable of yielding the right-of-way, turning smoothly, backing up safely and passing other cars safely and efficiently. You will also be asked to parallel park.
First, your examiner will check that your vehicle is in working condition. He or she will ask you demonstrate different parts of your vehicle. Then you will show your knowledge of traffic hand signals. If you successfully answer these initial questions, you will begin your road test. Remember during the driving exam you need to demonstrate to your examiner that you know how to drive safely. You should make sure to come to complete stops at all traffic lights and signs, signal for every turn, slow down at yield signs, merge smoothly with traffic, parallel park and observe and obey speed limits.
Yes. You will have to parallel park on your exam.
Yes. You should absolutely wear contacts (or glasses) if you use these corrective lenses to see normally.