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Georgia Permit Practice Test 4

Want to know what questions will be on the DDS Permit Test? Our GA Permit Practice Test is FREE, and has questions just like the ones on the real DDS test. Take this practice test now and get prepared.
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Preparing to Get Your Georgia Driving Permit

In order to get your Georgia driving permit, you are required to pass a number of tests at the DMV. The best way to prepare for these tests is to take our Georgia teen permit practice test.

Getting your Georgia teen permit is a huge milestone in life, so if there?s anything you should thoroughly prepare for, this is it. You?ll need to pass some tests before you start your journey behind the wheel. There is no better way to ensure you pass your DDS permit test than to take our free practice test.

The GA permit practice test is made up of 20 questions to quiz you on your driving knowledge. You will need to score an 80 percent or higher to pass the test, and you should take it multiple times since there are more than 20 total questions in the question pool. Once you feel like you have seen all of the questions and can answer them all correctly, you will be well on your way to getting your Georgia teen permit and becoming a safe driver.

Other Resources

The GA permit practice test isn?t the only preparation tool you should utilize. There are some more areas of knowledge that you should study when preparing for your permit test. Once you have all of the bases covered, you can go into the testing area feeling confident and relaxed. One extra resource you should check out is our GA DDS Road Signs and Singals practice test. While driving, you will encounter many signs on the side of the road that you will need to recognize and adjust to. This road signs practice test will make you much more confident during your permit test and on the road.

Another resource you would find helpful is our post on the tests you will need to pass when trying to obtain your learner?s permit. It would be a great idea to make a checklist out of that post and check off everything as you go to be sure you have it all covered.


A flashing arrow on a stationary work vehicle indicates:
  • The direction the vehicle will be turning in.
  • The direction that cars should merge to go around it.
  • That the road is closed ahead, and indicating the direction of the detour.
  • The direction of the nearest exit.
A gore is used to:
  • Provide a place for cars to temporarily stop when getting on/off the highway.
  • Mark the convergence between two merging lanes, and indicate the area that cannot be crossed.
  • Allow emergency vehicles to enter highways faster.
  • Provide a safe place for police to pull motorists over.
All of the following pose a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, EXCEPT:
  • Running the car motor inside a garage.
  • Running the car motor with the windows closed and the car parked.
  • Operating the heating/air conditioning in a parked car with closed windows.
  • Revving the engine at an intersection.
  • Driving with a defective muffler.
An example of an overhead lane sign is:
  • A left turn only sign.
  • A right turn only sign.
  • A straight or left turn only sign.
  • All of the listed answers are correct.
An example of text on a guide sign might be:
  • Exit 42.
  • Reduced Speed Ahead.
  • No Stopping Or Standing.
  • Road Construction 5 Miles.
  • No Left Turn.