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Illinois Driver's License Practice Test 3

Is it time for your SOS Driver's License test? Get fully prepared and take our FREE IL Driver's License Practice Test online now! Featuring 25 unique multiple choice questions, very similar to the ones found on the real Illinois DMV Test.
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Illinois Motorcycle Permit Practice Tests Description

To receive your Illinois motorcycle permit, you will need to pass several different driving exams. The best way to prepare for the DMV exam is to take our practice quiz several times.

How Taking the Illinois Motorcycle Permit Practice Test Helps You

One of the most memorable moments in a person's life is earning a permit to operate a motorcycle. What you might not have realized is that you will first have to pass several motorcycle permit tests before you can gain a motorcycle endorsement and license. While these Illinois exams are not especially difficult, they can be tricky if you are not well prepared. Taking the motorcycle permit test and studying the motorcycle operator's manual will help you become familiar with all of the Illinois rules and regulations for motorcycle drivers. It will help you gain the knowledge to be a safe and responsible motorcycle operator and help you pass the test with confidence.

On the official Illinois DMV motorcycle exam, you will be tested on a wide variety of subject material. You will be asked multiple-choice questions about traffic signals, road signs, speed limits, what to do in the event of an accident and how to handle hazardous road conditions. Your knowledge of these rules is not only required for receiving a passing grade on the Illinois exam but also so you can be as safe a driver as possible. That is the reason why you should take our practice test several times before heading into the DMV office for the official exam.

Once the day for your official Illinois motorcycle license test comes around, you will be fully prepared having taken our practice quiz several times. Because all of our questions are randomized, repeating it allows you to be exposed to a wider variety of subject matter. On the official Illinois test, you will have 15 multiple choice questions and you must answer 13 of them correctly in order to receive your motorcycle permit. On our practice quiz, you will get 12 randomized questions and you must answer at least 10 of them correctly for a passing score. To further prepare yourself, take our Illinois road signs and signals practice quiz.


A defensive driver should:
  • Always be prepared to react to another driver.
  • Expect the other driver to do what you think he/she should do.
  • Speed aggressively.
  • None of the listed answers are correct.
A second conviction of driving under the influence within 20 years results in:
  • A harshly-worded letter of warning.
  • A revocation of a minimum of five years.
  • A revocation of a minimum of ten years.
  • A revocation that is permanent.
  • None of the listed answers are correct.
Before entering a curve, you should:
  • Reduce your speed.
  • Accelerate.
  • Pull over to the farthest side of the curve.
  • Brake several times.
  • None of the listed answers are correct.
Construction zone signs are usually what color?
  • Red.
  • Green.
  • Silver.
  • Orange.
  • Blue.
Driver's licenses for persons under age 21 are printed _______ with distinct features.
  • Horizontally, going from side to side.
  • Vertically, going from top to bottom.
  • On with a different background.
  • On a piece of paper.
  • None of the answers listed.