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What tests must I pass?

All applicants must pass a vision test. Those who wear contact lenses or glasses are required to bring them to the test. Applicants should be aware that their license may have restrictions on it based on their vision, such as being required to use their corrective lenses when driving, being restricted to daylight hours only, or being required to use outside mirrors.

The written test will test the applicant’s knowledge of traffic laws and rules of the road, signs and safe driving practices. The test has 18 multiple choice questions and applicants must answer 15 correctly to pass. The test may be administered orally, or in Spanish; applicants must request these options. The Pennsylvania driver’s manual has all the information applicants need to know, and taking practice tests, like those found at, will help the applicant pass this exam. An applicant who fails the written test will have to come back at a later date to try again.

Prior to receiving a junior driver’s license or a full driver’s license for those over 18, applicants must also pass a road test; this will test the applicant’s driving skills. Applicants over 18 should get as much practical experience as possible, while those under 18 must wait six months and have a minimum of 50 hours driving time before attempting the road test. Applicants must also schedule their road test; this may be done online at and by clicking on the link, “Schedule Your Driver’s Test.”