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Pennsylvania Motorcycle Permit Practice Test 2

Are you ready for your PennDOT Motorcycle Test? Find out NOW by taking our FREE PA Motorcycle Practice Test online. We offer 25 original, multiple choice questions formed directly from the information in your own Pennsylvania manual.
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Pennsylvania Drivers License Practice Test Description

If you would like to receive a Pennsylvania drivers license, there are several tests that you must take. To accurately pass them, complete our PA PennDOT practice test.

How to Go About Passing the Pennsylvania Drivers License Test

When attaining a Pennsylvania drivers license, there are two driving skills examinations that you will face before you are handed a license. These two tests include a written examination and an on-the-road test. Despite being entirely different tests, passing one can help with the other. The knowledge aspect of the exam contains two unique segments, one about driving laws and rules and the other about traffic signals. The PennDOT practice test will provide you with everything that you need to tackle the driving laws segment of the Pennsylvania drivers license test.

This PA PennDOT practice test is close in design to the actual test, allowing you to get a sense of what test day will bring. The questions on both of the tests are chosen at random, so it is unlikely that one will provide the answers to the other. Studying the proper driving regulations and taking the practice test as many times as necessary can give you confidence going into the license test. Some of the questions that may appear on the quiz or test include such driving regulations as what you should do when a school bus is in front of your vehicle.

The PennDOT practice test is has 20 questions, which is similar to the Pennsylvania drivers license test. To pass the practice test, you are going to need to get 80 percent of the questions right. All of the information relevant to both tests is displayed for everyone to see in the Pennsylvania Drivers Manual. Take the test however many time you wish until you feel perfectly ready. You should also take the Pennsylvania road signs practice test if you feel the need to practice even more.


How does the extra weight of passengers or cargo affect the way your motorcycle rides?
  • It changes how the motorcycle handles.
  • It influences the balance of the motorcycle.
  • It changes how fast the motorcycle speeds up.
  • All of the listed answers are correct.
  • None of the listed answers are correct.
How often is it recommended for you to take breaks while riding?
  • Only when you think you need to.
  • Every one hour.
  • Every two hours.
  • Every four hours.
  • Every three hours.
If you are riding an unfamiliar motorcycle, what is something you should NOT do?
  • Check everything before riding.
  • Ride as you normally would on your motorcycle.
  • Learn the gear pattern and work the clutch and throttle.
  • Ride more cautiously than normal.
  • Learn the position of the controls well enough so you can use them without looking.
If you are riding your motorcycle and find yourself chased by a dog, what should you do?
  • Shout at it to frighten it away.
  • Kick at it when it draws close to force it away.
  • Slow down and approach the dog slowly. Then as you near it, accelerate and leave it behind.
  • None of the listed answers.
If you friends have had too much to drink you should __________ .
  • Help them get home.
  • Keep them where they are.
  • Encourage them to slow their alcohol consumption.
  • Have other friends step in to help.
  • All of the listed answers.