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Pennsylvania Motorcycle Permit Practice Test 3

Take our FREE PA Motorcycle Practice Test today and be fully prepared when you take your PennDOT Motorcycle Test. Learn what kind of questions to expect, and get your test score right away in addition to detailed explanations.
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Pennsylvania Drivers License Practice Test Description

The last step on the journey to becoming a fully licensed driver is earning your Pennsylvania drivers License. You will need to pass the exams, and our PA PennDOT practice test can help you with this.

How the PennDOT Practice Test Benefits You

When you're preparing to receive your Pennsylvania drivers license, you must first study for a selection of tests that you are required to pass before the Pennsylvania DOT will hand you a driver's license. While these exams aren't frustratingly difficult to pass, you will want practice before the first time you take them so you can experience the freedom of being a fully licensed driver as soon as possible. When you arrive at the DOT, you will find that you must take two different forms of examinations, a written one and another that focuses on testing your driving skills. The written exam will be divided into two sections, one about road and driving rules and another about traffic signs. The practice test that you are about to take is designed to specifically target the testing conditions and questions that you will encounter when taking the driving rules portion of the Pennsylvania drivers license test.

The first thing that you will notice on test day is how similar the questions on the practice test are to the actual test. The reason for this is because they are both derived from Pennsylvania driving rules and regulations. Although this is the case, the questions are randomized on both, so you won't be able to memorize one to pass the other. However, that shouldn't be needed as the proper study of the driving rules within the Pennsylvania Drivers Manual and taking the PA PennDOT practice test a few times will allow you to much more readily pass the Pennsylvania drivers license test.

The PennDOT practice test is comprised of 20 unique questions, all in the same multiple-choice format you will encounter on the license test. These questions might include such driving rules as what distance you should stop behind a halted school bus or what weather conditions can be classified as hazardous. You will need to answer at least 16 of these questions correctly to pass. You should also consider taking the Road Signs and Signals practice test to prepare for your other exam.

Pennsylvania PENNDOT Sample Test Questions

A front-wheel flat tire is ______________.
  • No more hazardous than any other flat tire.
  • Especially hazardous because it affects your steering. You must steer carefully to maintain balance.
  • Less hazardous than a rear-wheel flat tire.
  • None of the listed answers.
According to the manual, studies have shown that motorcyclists are ____ times more likely to be seen by other motorists if their motorcycle's headlights are on while they are riding.
  • 1.5 times
  • 2 times
  • 5 times
  • 3 times
During what situation might you need to swerve or turn quickly?
  • When a large deer suddenly runs in front of you.
  • There is never a time when you should swerve or turn quickly.
  • If you're paying attention to the road you won't ever need to swerve or turn quickly.
  • A motorcyclist should swerve and turn quickly when making any turn to make sure that is accomplished quickly and safely.
For better control when turning following these four steps: slow, ______, press and _______.
  • Look; execute.
  • Decide; roll.
  • Look; roll.
  • Signal, go.
Heavy weights or loads on a motorcycle __________.
  • Don't really change much of anything. You can ride normally.
  • Change the way the motorcycle balances, speeds up, and slows down. Only an experienced motorcyclist can handle it.
  • Improves the handling of a motorcycle, overall. It should take little or no practice to handle.
  • None of the listed answers.