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2009 Florida Driving Laws & New Penalties

4 years 35 weeks ago by Free DMV Practi...
Many states are enacting new legislation in an effort to protect motorists and reduce the number of vehicle related fatalities. In an effort to make the roadways safer, Florida passed new legislation that became effective in October 2009. There are new consequences for the following violations: (more...)
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New Florida Driving Laws Offer Redemption For Motorists

1 year 50 weeks ago by Free DMV Practi...
The State of Florida considers driving a privilege that motorists must earn. A person driving privileges can be suspended for a variety of reasons, such as failing to pay traffic citations. Florida uses a system to assess points against an individuals drivers license when they commit certain types of infractions. (more...)
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Windshield Video Event Recorders in California

4 years 35 weeks ago by Free DMV Practi...
Vehicle owners in California may now install Windshield Video Event Recorders if they wish to do so. The law was passed over strong concerns about safety and privacy. The law previously prohibited anything from being attached to the windshield or windows of a vehicle, but made exceptions for sun visors, devices used to pay tolls, GPS devices and stickers used for such things as entrance to state parks. The law also forbade the use of recording devices in vehicles, but made exceptions for black boxes - devices designed to record braking, accelerating and steering data prior to a collision. (more...)
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New Driving Laws for 2011 in Texas

4 years 35 weeks ago by Free DMV Practi...
Texas is helping to lead the nation, in passing bans to using texting devices, cell phones, and other hand-held devices. In addition to the laws mentioned below, many more are in the works in the Texas legislature. Ten more bills have been submitted, which address texting and driving, and have been filed for consideration for the 2011 legislative session. According to lawmakers who are proposing these bills, they are trying to strike a fair compromise between civil liberties and safety. (more...)

Traffic Citation Trial Dates in Maryland

1 year 50 weeks ago by Free DMV Practi...
Drivers who receive citations for traffic violations after January First, 2011 are required to request a trial date. In the past, trial dates were automatically assigned. Those who receive a traffic violation in Maryland now have three choices; they can pay the fine, request a hearing regarding sentencing and disposition in lieu of a trial, or request a trial date. The deadline to make one of these three choices and notify the District Court is 30 days from the date that the citation was issued. This new law does not apply for must appear violations, such as drunk driving. (more...)
Posted under: Traffic Citations

Stop Light Cameras in Southern California

4 years 35 weeks ago by Free DMV Practi...
Have you ever been ticketed by a Camera? In the City of San Diego there are 19 Cameras setup at various Stop lights. At least they WERE up and running! As of November 2010, San Diego City has turned the controversial Stop Light Cameras OFF. With over whelming phone calls to the City complaining about Short Yellow lights and longer intersections, San Diego City has decided to turn off the Stop Light Cameras for now! (more...)
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DMV Practice Tests for CDL Drivers

4 years 35 weeks ago by Free DMV Practi...
There are several occupations that will require you to take DMV practice tests and if you want to be one of the CDL drivers on the road you will need to read up on the rules for their specific driving test. If you are trying to enter into the job market there are several fields that you can go into but if you are not one that decides to go to college and specialize in a field then you may want to consider a trade. (more...)
Posted under: CDL Laws