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After selecting your state, you will be taken to the written motor vehicle practice test for that state. Our free tests cover all agency's including: DMV, BMV, RMV, MVA, DPS, DOT, DOL, and DDS.

Free Road & Traffic Signs Practice Test

Don’t sweat your DMV traffic signs test—instead, take a free road and traffic signs practice test and be completely prepared without any stress. All driver’s license tests include questions on traffic signs, and you’ll need to be able to not only identify those signs and their meanings by sight, but also demonstrate that you can execute the proper maneuvers around and through them. Our free practice test focuses on the traffic signs and pavement markings in your specific state—and each state has many of its own unique road signs, making it even more critical that you devote extra study time to this area of your license exam!

This 25-question road signs practice test reviews items such as the difference between state and interstate traffic signs, safety laws for passing specific signs and crossings (like railroads), hazard warning signs, highway and street pavement markings, and more. Quiz yourself with sample questions and answers taken directly from your state’s signs and signals section of your DMV handbook, so you know you’re studying the right material to help you pass your test. And if you miss any questions, you can see them in real-time and go back to study the areas where you need more practice. Plus, the multiple-choice format was thoughtfully designed to help prepare you for the experience of the actual DMV licensing test. Unlike the real exam, though, you can take your free practice test as many times as you want—even while waiting in line for your DMV exam!

Select your state to begin your free road signs practice test.

Road and Traffic Signs Test FAQs:

What’s the difference between the regular permit test and the road signs test?

The road and traffic signs test is a specific section within the full driver’s license exam. Some states separate this out as its own mini test, while others just incorporate traffic signs questions into the overall content of the licensing test.

What do I need to pass my road signs and traffic signals exam?

Each DMV administers its own unique licensing test, but generally, the road and traffic signs portion is similar from state to state. This practice test is 25 questions, and you need to answer at least 25 of them correctly (for a score of 80%) to pass.

Does this free road signs practice test have the same questions as the actual license and permit test?

Yes! The questions on your practice test were taken directly from your state’s driver’s handbook. Select your state to get your specific traffic signs test for your state.