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Studying for your written drivers permit test is important, we provide you with several tools to help you pass the first time including our free permit practice test. Choose a state below to begin your free permit practice test:

Permit Practice Test - Pick your state
Washington DOL Permit Practice TestWyoming WYDOT Permit Practice TestMontana MVD Permit Practice TestNorth Dakota NDDOT Permit Practice TestSouth Dakota DPS Permit Practice TestMinnesota DVS Permit Practice TestWisconsin DMV Permit Practice TestIowa DOT Permit Practice TestIdaho DMV Permit Practice TestOregon DMV Permit Practice TestCalifornia DMV Permit Practice TestNevada DMV Permit Practice TestUtah DLD Permit Practice TestArizona MVD Permit Practice TestColorado DMV Permit Practice TestNew Mexico MVD Permit Practice TestMichigan SOS Permit Practice TestIllinois SOS Permit Practice TestTexas DPS Permit Practice TestOklahoma DPS Permit Practice TestNebraska DMV Permit Practice TestMissouri DOR Permit Practice TestKentucky KYTC Permit Practice TestTennessee DOS Permit Practice TestArkansas DFA Permit Practice TestKansas DMV Permit Practice TestLouisiana OMV Permit Practice TestMississippi DPS Permit Practice TestAlabama DPS Permit Practice TestGeorgia DDS Permit Practice TestFlorida DMV Permit Practice TestAlaska DMV Permit Practice TestIndiana BMV Permit Practice TestOhio BMV Permit Practice TestNY DMV Permit Practice TestVT DMV Permit Practice TestNH DMV Permit Practice TestME Permit Practice TestMA RMV Permit Practice TestCT Permit Practice TestCT Permit Practice TestRI DMV Permit Practice TestRI DOR Permit Practice TestDE DMV Permit Practice TestDE DOT Permit Practice TestWest Virginia DMV Permit Practice TestVirginia DMV Permit Practice TestNC DMV Permit Practice TestSC DMV Permit Practice TestPA PennDOT Permit Practice TestMaryland Permit Practice TestDC DMV Permit Practice TestDC DMV Permit Practice TestHawaii DMV Permit Practice TestNJ MVC Permit Practice TestNJ MVC Permit Practice Test

Whether you're a new teen driver or an experienced adult, the DMV written exam can be quite difficult due to all of the nuanced rules and regulations you are expected to know to qualify for a permit. Studying a permit practice test prior to taking your DMV exam can drastically increase your chances of passing the exam on your first try.

The Importance of Studying Before Your Exam

No matter how much driving experience you have, the DMV exam is almost impossible to pass without extensive studying. The exam requires you to know a great number of specific road rules and driving regulations to make sure you're ready to drive safely. However, studying the official DMV manual can be exhausting when the information necessary to pass your exam is buried in dozens of pages of additional rules and regulations.

Naturally, you want to pass your DMV test on your first try. Failing the exam means that you have to waste additional time and money rescheduling, and most states require a waiting period before you are allowed to retake the exam. Depending on the state, this waiting period can range anywhere from 3 to 30 days, which means you have to wait even longer before you can earn your permit. Proper studying can help you get your license as soon as possible while avoiding all of the additional hassle of rescheduling.

The Benefits of a Permit Practice Test

Official state manuals are often over 100 pages long and are filled with extensive information that may not be covered on the DMV test, so trying to study for your exam by using only the state-issued manual takes a lot of time and extra stress. You are much less likely to memorize the necessary rules and regulations when faced with so much extra information.

In contrast, DMV practice tests let you focus on the most relevant information needed to pass your written exam. These tests feature exam questions that are unique to your state to help you learn all of the important rules and regulations specific to your location. The format will be just like the real test, so you can get an idea of what you need to spend more time studying. Additionally, the concise format of DMV cheat sheets can help immensely when it comes to memorization. Rather than getting bogged down with irrelevant information, you will be able to focus solely on the facts you need to know in order to pass your DMV exam on the first try.

When can I take the Permit test? How Many Questions are on the permit test and what percentage do I need to pass?

State Instrucional Permit Age # of Questions on Test % to pass
ALASKA 14 Years  20 Questions 70%
ALABAMA 15 Years  20 Questions 70%
ARKANSAS 14 Years  25 Questions 70%
ARIZONA 15 Years 6 months  30 Questions 70%
CALIFORNIA 15 Years 6 months  46 Questions 86%
COLORADO 15 Years  25 Questions 80%
CONNECTICUT 16 Years 25 Questions 80%
DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA 16 Years 20 Questions 75%
DELAWARE 16 Years 30 Questions 80%
FLORIDA 15 Years  40 Questions 75%
GEORGIA 15 Years  40 Questions 75%
HAWAII 15 Years 6 months  30 Questions 80%
IOWA 14 Years  35 Questions 80%
IDAHO 14 Years and 6 Months  40 Questions 85%
ILLINOIS 15 Years  35 Questions 80%
INDIANA 15 Years  34 Questions 82%
KANSAS 14 Years  25 Questions 80%
KENTUCKY 16 Years 40 Questions 80%
LOUISIANA 14 Years and 9 Months  40 Questions 80%
MASSACHUSETTS 16 Years 25 Questions 72%
MARYLAND 15 Years 9 Months 25 Questions 84%
MAINE 15 Years  25 Questions 84%
MICHIGAN 14 Years and 9 Months  50 Questoins 80%
MINNESOTA 15 Years  40 Questions 80%
MISSOURI 15 Years  25 Questions 80%
MISSISSIPPI 15 Years  30 Questions 80%
MONTANA 14 Years and 6 Months  33 Questions 90%
NORTH CAROLINA 15 Years  25 Questions 80%
NORTH DAKOTA 14 Years  25 Questions 80%
NEBRASKA 15 Years  25 Questions 80%
NEW HAMPSHIRE *15 Years 6 months  No Permits in New Hampshire
NEW JERSEY 16 Years 25 Questions 80%
NEW MEXICO 15 Years  25 Questions 72%
NEVADA 15 Years 6 months  50 Questoins 80%
NEW YORK 16 Years 20 Questions 70%
OHIO 15 Years 6 months  40 Questions 75%
OKLAHOMA 15 Years 6 months  50 Questoins 80%
OREGON 15 Years  35 Questions 80%
PENNSYLVANIA 16 Years 18 Questions 83%
RHODE ISLAND 16 Years 50 Questoins 80%
SOUTH CAROLINA 15 Years  30 Questions 80%
SOUTH DAKOTA 14 Years  25 Questions 80%
TENNESSEE 15 Years  30 Questions 80%
TEXAS 15 Years  30 Questions 70%
UTAH 15 Years  25 Questions 80%
VIRGINIA 15 Years 6 months  25 Questions 80%
VERMONT 15 Years  20 Questions 80%
WASHINGTON 15 Years  25 Questions 80%
WISCONSIN 15 Years 6 months  50 Questoins 80%
WEST VIRGINIA 15 Years  25 Questions 76%
WYOMING 14 Years and 6 Months  25 Questions 76%